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Educational Translation

Education translation converts written language from a source language to a target language to aid educational institutions in providing students and families with meaningful written communication to further academic progress. Primary and secondary educational institutions, as well as higher education institutions who serve ELL, LEP, refugee, and international students will need to communicate with students and/or guardians verbally, as well as through written materials and correspondence. When working with students, parents, and guardians with limited-English proficiency, language interpretation and education translation are crucial aspects of providing equal opportunity for students to progress academically.

Whether an educational institution is public or private, you need an education translation partner who understands the specific translation needs of education, and who can meet the demands of your institution, in other words, your education translation partner needs to be Vivid Translation! Who Needs Education Translation Services: Education institutions serving ELL, LEP, refugee, and foreign exchange students require interpretation and translation services to remain Title IV compliant and ensure that every student has the opportunity to progress academically. In addition to communicating with students, in many cases, translation services are also necessary to keep limited-English proficient parents and guardians informed about their child’s academic progress and needs. When looking for a language services partner, be sure to understand the translation company’s proficiency in translating for education institutions. At Vivid Translation, our translators are subject-matter experts, which means we only use the most qualified translators. Commonly Translated Documents in this Field

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