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How is marketing translation different from other kinds of translation such as technical, legal and medical translation? How can brands identify and overcome the risks and challenges of translating marketing copy for global campaigns?

Most translated marketing material is quite poor because it lumped in with more general copy and processed in bulk. This is a bit like taking your top line promotional materials or brochure and printing them on your most basic black and white printer or photocopier and sending that to your client. Without fail, poor translation of marketing copy leaves a negative brand impression in the same way that bad presentation (photocopied brochure) does. You don’t want to do that to yourself.

Every translation field has its own traps and pitfalls, however, the adaptation of marketing copy to several local cultures is particularly challenging. This is because translating marketing copy requires a deep understanding of how the character of the brand is going to be conveyed in another language and culture – and perceived by the target audience. Conveying the source message in a powerful and culturally acceptable way, wherever and however it appears in the world – in a nutshell, should be the ultimate goal of all marketing translations. The only way to deliver high quality results is to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the target audience. And who would understand the Middle Eastern audience better than Vivid Translation? We know how the audience think , feel and act. After all, we deal with the target audience in a daily basis. So, if you want a marketing translation that shall leave an excellent impression, you need to contact Vivid Translation.

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