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You know that your audience comes first and foremost when it comes to every aspect of your business. Giving them a subtitled video with poor quality means your turn them away. Too much text on the screen is a signal of poor subtitling. A subtitle is a written text you see on the lower part of the screen. It is used to show you in letters the translation of the dialogue between the characters (the actors and actresses), the other elements appearing in writing or otherwise (signs, etc…), and other audio elements like songs.

In fact, the difficult part of subtitling is how the text will survive the constraints of time and screen space. Any translation should be fit for only two lines that will be shown at the bottom of the screen. If a line would be six or seven words, then you are allowed to use 15 words. When such limit is exceeded, editing should be made. Many factors should be balanced in order to get a good subtitle. If you are given a word for word translation as subtitling for your video, you may not have a problem of space on the screen. That would be Ok. But as you know, we speak with a faster speed than we read.

At Vivid Translation, our translators are keen to watch the program or the film before proceeding to producing subtitles. By watching, our translators can form a better understanding of the context. You know… one word may have different meanings even in written text, let alone audiovisual translations.

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